“Like to follow up with you to say that I was rather impressed with your camp. As an ex Allan cup player, I have seen a higher level of competition and I would say that the drills were both engaging and complex enough to test the players. Mostly I felt that the over all pace of the practice seemed to be at a higher level than that I am used to seeing for this age group. This has always been one of my aggravations as ice time is valuable and there’s no time for “pissing” around. There was discipline without yelling and a gentle scolding when effort was weak. Boys all seemed to have fun and I enjoyed watching which is not always the case. Shout out to the assistants who kept the pucks and cones set up and ready to go so there was little on no wasted time.” John Nezic – McKnight


“Our son really enjoyed the camp and is already asking to do the Christmas camp. Thank you so much for providing such a positive experience for our son as he goes into evaluations full of confidence. We really appreciate it!” Kira Penner – Northwest Warriors


“I was impressed with the constant movement during your drills. Our son quite enjoyed the one-on-one battles.  They were all new to him. I was proud that he responded to them. Very different from other camps. I haven’t seen any other camps where the kids learn to “battle” the way yours’ does. Looking forward to enrolling our son in your next camp.” Aldo Diflumeri – Bow River


“My son really enjoyed the camp. Thanks for pairing him with his buddies too.  The drills were great and had very little ‘standing’ time. The competition aspect kept them all skating hard!  Burned off some Xmas cookies!” Rachelle MacNeill – Northwest Warriors


“Thanks so much Scott! This was our first year at your camp and we were super impressed! Joshua had a lot of fun and learned a ton. We will most definitely sign up again.” Michelle Moses – Saints


“Our son really enjoyed the camp and is already asking to do the Christmas camp. Thank you so much for providing such a positive experience for our son as he goes into evaluations full of confidence. We really appreciate it! Kira Penner – Northwest Warriors


“Great camp … lots of fun … excellent drills … and thanks for letting the kids do what they do best … play … Too bad this isn’t once a week throughout the season … kids would really improve” Brad Free – Glenlake


“My son said he loved the camp and at his first game after the camp he actually scored his first goal! Even his coaches noticed his skills were getting better. He was excited to go every night, and wants to go to both camps again next year. Thanks for everything.” Darlene Cubbon – Northwest Warriors


“My son was on the yellow team in the 3-night camp at Brentwood this week. He had a great time! He said he particularly liked how everything was a game format and how much he liked having a chance to do a lot of shooting. Our son developed a lot of confidence. As a coach, I really liked how little ‘standing around time’ there was for the players. I just asked my son now if there’s anything he would have liked done differently — no suggestions!” Kevin Busche – Northwest Warriors


“Scott, I thought this was the best camp our son has attended yet. The drills you had the boys doing were well thought out, challenging, and kept them all moving at a good pace. Our son and his friends were eager to go each night. Thanks.” Greg Kyle – McKnight


“I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the camp. As you are aware my son went in very much below the level of most the skaters and after the first day was upset that he couldn’t keep up. But thank you so much for getting him the one on one attention he needed. It seemed to make all the difference for him. He is much more confident in his ability and I think he has improved. He was very proud yesterday after camp to tell me what he learned and is really interested and excited about your Christmas camp.” Darlene Cubbon – Northwest Warriors


“Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that our son really enjoyed your camp. My husband and I noticed improvement in his scrimmage game on both Thursday and Friday. I think the drills you taught the kids were unique and definitely helped them. They were moving almost the whole time as well, which is great to see.” Vanessa de Mello – McKnight


“Thank you Scott for putting on a first class camp!.  Very organized, well communicated, and wonderful on ice sessions!  Tremendous drills and kept the kids moving!  Thanks for including us.” Daryl Bourne – Northwest Warriors


“I feel that you run an excellent camp Scott.  The drills are highly beneficial to all.  I like the mix up and the variety throughout each session.” Janet Robillard – Cochrane


“Can you be sure to put us on your direct email list for upcoming camps. Easily one of the best camps our son has been to!” Mike Rushton – Saints


Thank you so much for running these camps. Our daughter really likes the compete drills that you do. She came off the ice each night telling us that it was so much fun. It’s her favorite kind of hockey intensity!” Cora-Anne Lawrence – Northwest Warriors


“Scott, our son loved it. I think (and he also) thinks he learned a lot while having fun!  That’s the key. He looked forward to the second and third sessions and even asked when you’re doing another camp.  It was different than all the drills they do at practice.”  Wendy Cestari – Saints


“Thanks Scott.  Kids had fun and worked hard and developed lots without knowing how hard they were working.”  Kirby Smith – Crowfoot


“Thank you Scott, It’s our sons first year of hockey and he really enjoyed the small groups and drills, he said it felt like you were always playing a game.”  Leigh Warren – McKnight


“Firstly a big thank you for taking time this past week to work with all of the boys.  Mine in particular were very appreciative of the good technical information that you shared with each boy, and they told me as much each day after practice.  They really enjoy your personality and you should know that you have instilled increased confidence in each of my boys with your instructions and positive feedback.”  Arshie Cheema – Northwest Warriors




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