Calgary Hockey Camps



Small Area Games Camps

This is our specialty – Our most popular camp!

Each day we will play 5 to 6 different small area games. Games are 3 on 3, so players alternate between playing and resting for 1 – 2 min at a time. Each game will have a different configuration and set of rules to keep things interesting and maximize skill development. The games are designed to force players in to read and react situations, passing, and working as a team in order to win the game. One of the main benefits of this kind of training is that players develop hockey sense and increase their level of competitiveness, all while having fun!

In order to ensure sufficient play time and ample learning opportunity we limit each camp to 24 players and 4 goalies. Players are separated in to 4 teams of 6 players and a goalie. Two games are played simultaneously, one in each end of the ice.

In order to keep the games competitive and fun we start by dividing the group in half. The 12 players and 2 goalies from the higher divisions play each other, and The 12 players and 2 goalies from the lower divisions play one another. Then the teams are balanced evenly, while keeping players from the same teams together and accommodating any requests.

Players will be learning new skills and concepts while playing games, having fun, and competing against their friends and teammates. Goalies will be challenged with many shots, rebounds, traffic, no substitutions, and no whistles.


Try-out Preparation Camps

Held in late Aug and early Sept these camps sell out fast!

These camps focus on skill development and conditioning, with an emphasis on full ice flow drills. They also involve teaching safe checking, skill stations, and small area games. One of our main focuses is to have players learn and compete at the position they will be trying out for. Forwards and defense will be learning and working together in high tempo flow drills with position specific roles within the drills and stations. Players will learn new skills, be in game shape, and fully prepared for try-outs.

In order to ensure quality instruction and sufficient puck touches we limit these camps to 12 forwards, 8 defense, and 2 goalies. Thanks to long standing relationships with the arenas we have the best dates and times in the city.

The focus is on challenging players to execute multiple skills at the same time, at game speed, while thinking. This, along with repetition, is the key to real development.

We don’t over book our camps trying to generate as much money as possible. With such a small group, excellent ice times, and low fee, space for these camps fill up quick.


Full Ice Game Camps

A new format for 2020 due to covid-19 restrictions.

Hockey Canada has recommended only 12 players be on the ice at the same time. With that guideline in place we have decided to move to full ice games for this fall.

  • 30 players – 9 forwards and 6 defense per team
  • 3 goalies per ice time (2 periods each / per game)
  • 1.25 hour games
  • Stop time with scoreboard
  • Full crew of referees
  • Face-offs, penalties, offsides

This is a great way to knock the summer rust off and be ready for the evaluation scrimmages.


Coming Soon

Exciting new camps and programs!

As we continue to expand and grow, we will be adding other camps and programs to better serve your needs. Some of the ideas we have in the works include:

  • Summer Camps
  • A spring hockey league for non-elite players
  • Morning sessions
  • Goalie Training
  • Power skating
  • Shooting and scoring camps
  • Developing defense camps

We are open to any ideas, suggestions, or comments you might have. Please contact us and tell us what you want.

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