Team Training

Small Area Games Practices

Why not run a small area games camp as a practice!

How do you get players excited about coming to practice? How do you keep players interested and focused at practice? How can you ensure players are learning, working hard, and having fun at practice? Sounds impossible right?

The answer is simple – running a small area games practice!

All you need is one hour or more of ice (half ice is perfect), 10+ players and 2 goalies, and a few coaches to help out on the ice. I will take care of the rest. Because we are using your ice and no administration or extra staff is required, we can keep the costs low. One hour sessions start at only $85.00.

Depending on the length of your ice time we will play 5 to 7 different small area games. Games are 3 on 3, so players alternate between playing and resting for 1 – 2 min at a time. Each game will have a different configuration and set of rules to keep things interesting and maximize skill development. The games are designed to force players in to read and react situations, passing, and working as a team in order to win the game. One of the main benefits of this kind of training is that players develop hockey sense and increase their level of competitiveness.

Players will be learning new skills and concepts while playing games, having fun, and competing against their friends and teammates. Goalies will be challenged with many shots, rebounds, traffic, no substitutions, and no whistles.

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Theme Practices

Having trouble with one aspect of the game – we can help!

Ever notice that your team is learning and improving, but just cant grasp one aspect of the game? We offer customizable theme practices to help you get them over the hump.

Don’t waste time or money hiring someone to run a “skills” session – do it yourself. We offer a different kind of help. The help we provide is not on the basic skills of hockey, but more focused on the mental and team aspects of the game.

Each session includes a 20 min chalk talk in the dressing room prior to the ice time. This is to introduce and explain what we are working on, and to make the ice time more effective. Also included is a 10 min recap after practice to reinforce what they have learned. Coaches will also be given a copy of the practice plan so they can re-run the drills in future practices. Repetition is key!

Some of the more popular topic include:

  • Puck Support
  • Break-outs
  • Defensive Zone Coverage
  • Forcheck
  • Power Play / Penalty Kill
  • Increasing intensity / competitiveness
  • Safe Checking

Topics can be combined or customized any way you like – its totally up to you! Prices start at only $85.00.

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Off Ice Training

We offer many programs off the ice as well!

  • Coach Certification Courses
  • Stick-handling sessions
  • Game video review
  • Chalk talks
  • Dryland Training

Contact us for more details and prices.

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Coaching Mentoring

For coaches that want to learn more as their children grow!

So you took the coach course back in Novice and have been coaching your child ever since. Awesome! But now your child is in Peewee and the stuff you were teaching in Novice is no longer effective for the older players. Maybe it’s time to spruce things up a bit?

With over 6 years experience as a coach mentor I can help. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Practice plans
  • Season development plans
  • Watch practices and provide constructive feedback
  • Game feedback – what does team need to work on?
  • Help on the ice at practice
  • Drill suggestions – free of charge – email me any time

Contact us for more details and prices.

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